Using theatre to create awareness on Violence against Women

Using theatre to create awareness on Violence against Women (VAW) in Bangladesh
When the award winning playwright and poet Eve Ensler showed her play The Vagina Monologues, to audiences around the world, the reaction from audiences was such that she started a global campaign against VAW which has been going on for 15 years now. Recently in Dhaka at the Shipakala academy, women’s activists performed monologues in English, which were on real Bangladeshi women’s experiences based on interviews conducted by Naripokkho, from women in different areas in Bangladesh.  Naripokkho would like to use the creative medium of theatre to perform a range of monologues based on women’s experiences, in English, and in Bangla, to help highlight issues of VAW. The idea is to firstly interview more women from different circumstances to write monologues which will be initially performed English in Dhaka at the EMK centre, and other venues, and then take the performances to three areas in Bangladesh, outside of Dhaka, and  hope that some of the issues highlighted are seen in a different light.
At first interviews of approximately 30 women will be carried out in three areas in Bangladesh outside Dhaka  by two interviews. Once these interviews are collected , monologues based on interviews of women will be written in English, – the number of monologues written will be about 8-10. There will be no translation required as the interviews will be recorded, and then there will be a creative writing process where the monologues will be inspired by real life experiences.  These monologues will then be performed by a group of volunteer actors and activists in Dhaka in Engllish in EMK centre and possibly other venues. The monologues will then be translated into bangla, and will be performed in Dhaka, and then taken to 4 venues outside Dhaka –  suggested locations where Naripokkho has strong partner organizations which Naripokkho works are sirajganj, Jenaidah, Noakhali and Jamalpur. They will be performed to the public. Hence Naripokkhos team  of five, will write 10 monologues to be performed by 10 actors/activists in English in Dhaka, and then by 10 actors/activists in Bangla. The performances in Dhaka will reach 100 people, and 200 people in each venue outside Dhaka, so performing of monologues will at a minimum will reach 900 people to try and make the sensitive of issues surrounding VAW.
February 25, 2014
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