Promotion and Strengthening of the Traditional Music and Dances of the CHT Ethnic Minority Peoples

Promotion and Strengthening of the Traditional Music and Dances of the CHT Ethnic Minority Peoples, by Kirti Nishan Chakma

The CHT region is rich in ethnic and cultural diversity. However, this faces serious threats from acculturation and the lack of promotion of promotion and preservation of this diversity. The present proposal envisages collections and recordings traditional music/songs, creation of new dance choreography based on traditional folks themes and finally, commissioning a study the traditional singers, called Genkhuli’ by the Chakmas (comparable to the Baul traditions) – a first such initiative in known memory.

There will be two records in CDs; (1) Chakma and Genkhuli songs (2) Traditional songs from Mro, Chak, Khumi and Khyang ethnic groups. Both Gengkhuli and the second CD records will be first. No one has ever attempted to records the traditional songs of the Mro, Chak, Khumi and Kyang ethnic groups. There will be 2 dance choreographies, again based on the traditional folk themes. Many of these traditional dance themes are dying, one may reasonably say that these will die in the next few decades unless there is a concerted efforts.

The project will be anchored at Moanoghar (, managed by myself, Kirti Nishan Chakma. I shall receive assistance from others whose CVs are attached, including the singers and the Genkhuli.


Moanoghar is a leading charity in greater Chittagong Hill Tracts. It has a great track record in the field of promotion and preservation of arts and crafts; many of the songs and dances that we see today from CHT, were originally created at Moanoghar and/or peoples associated with Moanoghar. It has a cultural section which will continue with the unfinished work of this project, ensuring sustainability that the momentum continues.

February 25, 2014
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