Holistic training and development of young filmmakers and actors in the community

Holistic training and development of young filmmakers and actors in the community of Old Dhaka

Puran Dhaka, with it’s warren of streets and its bursting colours and crowds, harbours some of the most essential aspects of what it is to be Bangladeshi. We will coordinate a six month project to train and develop enthusiastic filmmakers and actors from Puran Dhaka to represent themselves and the story of their neighborhoods. Another outcome of this project will be a moving image work which we will then screen and distribute to film and art festivals around the world for a period of two years. The project will involve our studio, composed of a director/producer, production manager, and a casting director and we will select five crew members and fifteen actors from Puran Dhaka to participate in the project. To attract a broad range of participants we have begun to liaise with a number of local theatre and community groups such as Pratidwandi who have enthusiastic members that want to be involved. Our studio will be based in Puran Dhaka for the next three years and will nurture and grow these relationships further to continue to provide training, development, and career opportunities to residents whilst making works which represent the area with passion and authenticity.

We are already in the process of finding a studio space in Puran Dhaka with the partial funds we were awarded from the Australia Arts Council in December 2012. Some of the next steps include establishing a presence; finding further funding for completion; finalising a shooting script; selecting crew; casting actors; scouting locations; shooting; post-production; screening; and distribution. All of these steps are an amazing opportunity for young participants to learn a professional, internationally recognised process, to further their own goals and depict their neighbourhood through the moving image to the rest of the world.

November 11, 2013
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