Earthquake Awareness Program for School Going Children

Earthquake Awareness Program for School Going Children

Our organization, House of Volunteers (HoV) Foundation Bangladesh, will conduct Training of Trainers (TOT) in 5 universities where 100 volunteers will be trained on earthquake awareness and preparedness basics. We will facilitate these 100 volunteers to train 4,500 school going children in 10 schools. We will start with these 10 schools in old Dhaka area where the risk related to earthquake damage is very high and where many underprivileged people reside.

HoV is a volunteer based organization and it has its chapters in different universities (e.g. BUET, BRAC University, Dhaka University etc.). The overall activities are conducted centrally by HoV Foundation Bangladesh.

We will target 10 schools in the old Dhaka area and plan to take 1.5 hour sessions each on earthquake awareness through multimedia presentations. The sessions will be repeated 3 times in a classroom and there will be 3 such parallel sessions in three classrooms at the same time. Thus a total of 3×3=9 sessions will be conducted in each school. We will cover 450 students per school (50 per session). Therefore, in 10 schools 450×10=4,500 students will be covered in total. We will also train 5 teachers per school; that is 5×10 = 50 teachers from 10 schools during the presentations. To reach people further, we will also place the presentation contents and the project outcomes in a dedicated website where general people can access it anytime.

The outcome of the projects are:

1) We will have 100 volunteers/presenters/trainers on earthquake awareness;

2) 4,500 students and 50 teachers who will be aware and prepared for any earthquake situation;

3) The 4,500 students will share the information with their families, creating further awareness among 4,500×4 = 18,000 people (assuming 4 family members on an average) in the vulnerable area in old Dhaka;

4) A website containing the information on earthquake awareness and preparedness will be launched to provide information in easy language to the general public.

February 25, 2014