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The EMK Center’s partnership with EducationUSA allows us to provide students, who are interested to pursue higher education in the USA, to receive current updates and counseling through our very own Student Counselor. Besides basic counseling on application process to American educational institutions, the EMK Center also provides students direct access to the American Center library resources like books, CDs and study guides along with the EMK Center’s own library resources. Our counselor has been trained by EducationUSA and is available on weekdays at the EMK Center for one on one appointments and is also able to visit educational institutions, if proposed. The EMK Center coordinates directly with the American Center in order to ensure that students receive current, comprehensive and accurate information about colleges and universities in the USA.


Studying at an American university or college will expand your horizons and open up new opportunities for your career. It can, however, be a complicated process.

EducationUSA is here to help. As the U.S. government’s only official source for information about higher education, you can count on us for accurate and unbiased information about the entire range of Americanhigher education institutions and programs.

Personalized counseling, group advising programs, as well as a goldmine of reference guides, university catalogs, and standardized test prep materials are all available at EducationUSA.

Our experienced Educational Advisors will guide you through the entire admissions process; everything from selecting the right institution to writing your personal statement to filling out financial aid forms to what to pack in your suitcase.

Check Out Our Library
The EducationUSA library carries university rankings, guidebooks, current study guides and practice test materials for all major admissions test to help you prepare. Resources include:

  • Undergraduate and graduate university guides
  • Guides for post graduate and research pro¬grams
  • University catalogs
  • Updated test prep study guides and CDs for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT I & II, GRE, GMAT, USMLE, and GED

Individual Advising

Make an individual appointment to meet with our expert Education Advisor to discuss your particular interests and concerns.

Individual counseling is available by appointment only, Sunday through Advising Form


Join The EMK Center for only Tk. 500 for one year. EMK Center membership will allow access to both EMK Center Library and and the Archer K. Blood Library.
Membership Privileges at EducationUSA:

  • Individual counseling (by appointment)
  • Practice exams ( TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT, GED)
  • Internet access for university research and communication

Group Advising Sessions

Each week EMK Center organizes FREE group advising sessions about the application process.  Hear from university representatives, admissions & test experts and American university alumni. Regular sessions include:


Activity A:A: Free Seminar regarding studying in the US
EVERY TUESDAY, 3:30 PM @ EMK Center 

EducationUSA at the EMK Center welcomes all students who are interested in pursuing their higher education to the U.S. The presenter will give you a basic idea on the application process for universities.

Activity B : Free Seminar on University Search Process
WEDNESDAY [Twice a month], 3:30 PM @ EMK Center 

If you have attended Activity A and are aware of the U.S. university admissions requirements, then it is time for you to start Activity B, where we will discuss how to research for U.S. universities and find your ‘best fit’ university.

EducationUSA Seminars

EducationUSA hosts seminars throughout the year on various topics. Seminars are open to members and non-members but registration is required. Call or email or join the EducationUSA Mailing List for latest calendar of events.

Seminars include:

  • Picking the Right University for You
  • Writing Personal Statements
  • Money: Finding Financial Aid
  • A is to B: SAT, TOEFL, and Other Standardized Tests
  • Understanding Student Visas
  • Getting Ready to Go: Pre-departure Preparation

EducationUSA Weekly Update

EducationUSA sends out a weekly e-mail with the latest updates on scholarships, events and seminars being offered. Click here to read this week’s EducationUSA update.


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