About EMK Center

Created in 2012 through a partnership between the Liberation War Museum and the American Center of U.S. Embassy Dhaka, the EMK Center is a non-partisan platform committed to open dialogue, informed action, individual and artistic expression, and personal and professional development. We define public service as service on behalf of the people – by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The EMK Center honors the legacy of public servants worldwide, exemplified by the men and women who fought for Bangladesh’s independence in 1971 and by U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who was moved to take action then and throughout his life in support of his convictions. In February 1972, Senator Kennedy planted a banyan tree on Dhaka University’s campus as a living tribute to friendship, resilience, and hope. It stands today.

  • “My hope is that the Edward M. Kennedy Center for Public Service and the Arts will foster greater mutual understanding between the U.S. and Bangladesh.”

    – Lauren Lovelace
    Former Director of the American Center, Dhaka

  • “One my favorite quotes – and I saw it when I was in Dhaka just a couple of weeks ago – is a quote from Senator Edward M. Kennedy that’s on the EMK Center in Dhaka, and that is that “Our relationship is not just government-to-government, but it’s people-to-people, citizen-to-citizen, and friend-to-friend.” And I hope that in my tenure, that I can underscore that.”

    – Nisha Desai Biswal
    Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs
    United States Department of State

Mission Statement

The mission of the Edward M. Kennedy Center for Public Service and the Arts is to engage, inspire, connect, and empower citizens of all ages to better themselves, their communities, and our world.

The EMK Center recognizes the power of one person to make change. We respect the ability of young people to see what is possible, what should be, and their potential to make it so.

Edward M. Kennedy’s Speech at Dhaka University

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